Switching health centres

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You can select your health centre anywhere in continental Finland.

You can start using the new health centre’s services after delivering the notification to the new health centre. If you send the notifications by post, you can start using the new health centre’s services two weeks after sending them.

When you switch health centres, you will have to wait at least a year before you can switch again.

Members of a family can be clients of different health centres. This means that children are not automatically transferred with their parents. You will need to make a separate notification for each family member to be transferred. An underage child’s notification must be signed by both parents/guardians.

Switching health centres within Espoo

Complete the notification about switching health centres within Espoo. Take or send it to the new health centre of your choice. Notification forms are also available at the health centres. The notification cannot be sent by e-mail for confidentiality reasons.

After the switch, your new health centre will provide you with doctor’s and nurse’s services, prescription renewals, care equipment distribution and urgent care from 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays. You cannot choose a certain doctor or nurse, but you can express your wishes. In the treatment of long-term illnesses in particular, we strive to give the client the chance to visit the same nurse and doctor.

Switching your health centre from Espoo to another municipality
or from another municipality to Espoo

First read the instructions. Then complete the notification about change of municipality providing basic health care and take or send it to both your current health centre and the new health centre of your choice.

Please note that your dental care, child health clinic and rehabilitation services will also be moved to the new municipality. Services that will be moved:

  • health centre’s doctor and nurse services
  • care equipment distribution
  • health advice, health examinations, certificates, screening
  • child health clinic services
  • oral health care services
  • medical rehabilitation and aid services, rehabilitation guidance
  • mental health and substance abuse services
  • short-term ward care

For example, if you wish to receive child health clinic services or dental care in Espoo, you must be a client at an Espoo health centre. The right to choose does not apply to pupil and student health care, whose provider is determined by the study place. Long-term institutional care and home health care will also be provided in your place of domicile.

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