Service vouchers for health centre services come into use in the Espoon keskus area

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2020-05-05 14:47

As of May, Espoo residents may use service vouchers to access services at private health centres located in the Espoon keskus area. Clients will receive the same services from the private health centre as they would from Espoo’s own health centres, and client fees will be the same as for the City’s health centres.

Two private health centres participating

By the end of April, two health centres had registered to partake in the scheme: Mehiläinen Oma Lääkärisi Espoontori and Terveystalo Espoontori. Samaria Health Centre’s services will continue to be provided in Espoon keskus, however, during the coronavirus pandemic Samaria will be focused on treating all patients in Espoo with respiratory infections.

The service voucher trial will run from 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2025, and during this period a total of 25,000 health centre service vouchers will be distributed. Director Of Health Services Sanna Svahn is enthusiastic about the new operating model: “The service voucher model will expand the freedom of choice offered to our clients, bringing additional flexibility to services in accordance with the Espoo Story. This is the broadest ranging health centre service voucher scheme in operation, and I am delighted that Espoo is taking bold steps in exploring new ways of operating.”

Good uptake of service vouchers for health centre services

Over the spring, service vouchers for health centre services have been offered to residents of Suvela and Tuomarila, whose health centre services changed when Espoo’s agreement with Oma Lääkärisi Espoontori ended on 30 April 2020. “By the end of April, around 5,600 Espoo residents had already opted to try out the service voucher scheme,” states Svahn. “It’s wonderful that residents were so keen to explore this new opportunity, and we hope that many more will follow their lead in embracing service vouchers in the near future.” 

What is a service voucher for health centre services?

A service voucher for health centre services is the City’s commitment to allowing Espoo residents the option to access their health centre services from private health centres. Initially, service vouchers were offered to residents of Suvela and Tuomarila. Other Espoo residents are now being offered the option to try out service vouchers if they wish to use health centre services in the Espoon keskus area. Service vouchers can be accessed by calling the service voucher phone service of Espoo health centres’ customer service department (09 816 34550 Mon–Fri 8am–4pm). More detailed instruction can be found at The service voucher model does not affect the City’s current staff or service relationships.

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