Free care equipment

Free care supplies and equipment are provided based on referral from the treating doctor.

Diabetes and other free care supplies

You can use the form to order items required for your treatment, such as diabetes or stoma equipment. The form cannot be used to order incontinence products! Read more information from page Order form for treatment supplies and equipment . Use of the service requires strong authentication using your online banking credentials. You can see pictures of the order form here.

You can also place ordes by telephone on 09 816 42458. You will receive personal service between 9 am and 11 am on weekdays.

We use a call-back service. When you call us, your number is automatically recorded by the system. We will call you back on the same day, usually within half an hour.  If you are unable to answer the first call-back, we will attempt to call your number three times. We will only call back Finnish telephone subscriptions and Finnish dialling codes.

The delivery time is two weeks. The postal service deliveries can be collected from a post office, a pickup point or a Parcel Point. You can choose the collection point most convenient for you.

Incontinence products (nappies) orders can be placed

  • by e-mail at
  • by telephone on 043 824 7334 or 050 466 6073, Wed and Fri 9 am - 3 pm.
  • by fax on 09 471 59435
  • Delivery time two weeks

Products are generally delivered to clients three months' supply at time.

When placing an order, please indicate

  • Your name and the last four digits / characters of your personal identity code
  • The product being ordered, its name and REF number ( shown on the product) and quantity
  • The distribution point from which you wish to pick up your order

Distribution points for free care supplies and equipment

Find parcel point or a postal outlet that best suit you here.