Visits to Espoo Hospital

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2021-02-24 14:14

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we have decided to extend the visitor restrictions at Espoo Hospital until 14 March 2021.

Close relatives are allowed to visit patients in hospice care. Visits to patients in hospice care must be agreed on in advance with the ward staff. Only two close relatives may visit a patient at a time.

The hospital may, on a discretionary basis, make an exception to the visitor restrictions for compelling reasons.

Visitors must take care of good hand hygiene during their visit. The staff provide advice on hand hygiene to visitors. All visitors must wear a surgical mask throughout their visit, also in the patient’s room. Masks are available at the hospital.

Close relatives may visit the hospital if they are in full health, in other words, they have no symptoms of a possible coronavirus infection. If a close relative is in isolation due to a coronavirus infection or in quarantine due to coronavirus exposure or travelling abroad (up-to-date instructions on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare), they are not allowed to visit the hospital.

Visitor instructions for the HUS delivery ward at Espoo Hospital can be found on the HUS website.