Hospital at home

We provide hospital services in the patient’s home, for example intravenous medication and palliative and terminal care. In palliative care, or symptomatic care, symptoms are alleviated in patients with an incurable and progressive disease, and patients and their relatives are supported. Terminal care is the last stage of palliative care.

Hospital services at home is an alternative to inpatient care, if it is the wish of the patient. For transfer to hospital services at home a doctor's referral is needed.

At home, nurses give care at any time of the day or night, all through the week. Between these visits, patients must cope on their own or with the help of relatives at home. If the situation changes, the patient may be moved back to the ward.

If the patient does not need health care, but cannot cope without help in the daily chores, home care steps in. The need for home care is assessed by consulting and service reference for seniors Nestori.