Domiciliation team

We help the patient to return home from the hospital safely and conveniently. The medical staff assesses if the patient needs the help of the domiciliation team.

We provide short-term assistance, care and guidance during the first two or three days after return to home.  Patients who need long-term assistance are referred to home care or other appropriate services.  The need for home care is assessed by consulting and service reference for seniors Nestori.

The domiciliation team collaborates with the patient’s relatives, home care and other personnel involved in the care of the patient.

Escort to the patients home and assessment of the need for services and equipment in the home are free.  Thereafter, the fee is the same as for temporary home nursing.  Only one fee will be charged per day, even if treatment requires several visits.  If the patient already uses home care or hospital services at home, the assistance offered by the domiciliation team do not cost extra.