Returning home from the hospital

When returning home, the patient gets a list of medications and, if necessary, medicine prescriptions and assistive equipment.

You will move home according to a plan in collaboration with the hospital, home care and counselling and service reference for seniors Nestori. When you arrive at the hospital, we already make a preliminary estimate of when the you could return home. The domiciliation plan is made 2–3 days before you return home.

When you return home, we make sure it is safe for you.  If necessary, a nurse from the domiciliation team makes an assessment to find out if you need support to live at home.  If you need help at home, the nurse contacts the municipal home care and ensures that you get  necessary support at home. Rehabilitation may continue at home if necessary.

The domiciliation team assists  if the patient needs help with returning home.  We provide short-term assistance during the first two or three days after return to home.