Dental appointments

Non-emergency care

Centralised appointment to a dental clinic
Those seeking non-emergency care are requested to phone the centralised appointment number after 10 am. All appointments to dental clinics in Espoo are scheduled via the number: 09 816 30300, weekdays 7.45 am–4 pm. In order to ensure a smooth visit, we request you to fill in the preliminary information form below and bring it to your first appointment. If you have received a request by text message, you may complete the electronic form in the  online services. Alternatively, you may print out the preliminary information form for adults or preliminary information form for children, complete it and bring it with you to the appointment.
Remember to cancel if you cannot make it.
Scheduled appointments to the dental clinic may be cancelled from the centralised appointment number 09 816 30300 or by using your online bank user ID and password here.

A fee of €51.40 will be charged for a missed appointment that is not cancelled in time. If you cannot make it to your appointment, you must cancel it by 2 pm on the previous day. We will send you a text message reminder of your appointment two days in advance. Missing your appointment due to a failure of the text message service will not exempt you from paying the fee.

Emergency care

Appointments: Mon.–Fri. 7 am–3 pm tel. 09 816 35900

Children below 18 years of age and disabled adults receive emergency care in the dental clinic in their own residential area.

Emergency care for adults is arranged in

Dental clinic of Kilo
Visiting address: Trillakatu 5, 3 rd. Open monday-friday klo 8 am-3 pm.

Dental care emergency duty on weekday evenings, weekends and holidays is available to all Espoo residents is at Haartman Hospital.
Patients are requested to schedule appointments in advance, tel. 09 3104 9999.
Appointments may be scheduled on weekdays at 2 pm–9 pm, on weekends and holidays at 8 am–9 pm.
Street address: Haartmaninkatu 4, building 12, Helsinki.

The dental care’s on-call services during evenings and weekends will 3–6 January 2019 temporarily serve at Meilahti Dental Clinic, address Jalavatie 6 A, Helsinki. Please call before visiting the emergency services. The appointment service tel. 09 3104 9999 is open weekdays from 2 pm to 9 pm and at weekend from 8 am to 9 pm.

The evening and weekend emergency dental care service moves to the Surgical HospitalThe temporary addressfrom Monday 7 January to Sunday 24 March 2019 is Kasarmikatu 11-13, entrance U, Helsinki. Please call before visiting the emergency services. The new telephone number is 09 471 71110. The appointment service is open Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 9 pm and at weekends and on public holidays from 8 am to 9 pm.

The night-time emergency dental care service still operates at the Töölö Hospital Emergency Department (Töölönkatu 40) between 21 and 8. Please call before visiting the emergency services, tel. 040 621 5699.