Dental care customer fees

Municipal dental care is chargeable for everyone except children 0–17 years of age and frontline war veterans. Dental care customer fees are based on the national decree on public charges. The invoice is sent to the customer’s home after the appointment.

• An oral hygienist’s appointment is subject to an appointment fee of 10,30 euros, and a dentist’s appointment is 13,30 euros. Additionally, treatment-specific fees that vary according to the administered treatment may be invoiced.
• Specialised dental care is subject to an appointment fee of 19,40 euros per appointment.
• Prosthetic dental treatment is subject to treatment fees. Additionally, the customer will pay the dental technology expenses. Treatment, including removable dentures, is free of charge for war veterans.
• A non-cancelled non-appearance or a cancellation after 14.00 on the previous day is subject to a fee of 50,80 euros to all patients 15 years of age or older.
• Any certificates that are not related to treatment (e.g. a certificate to an insurance company) are subject to a fee of 50,80 euros.
• Detailed price information is available at the dental clinics. It is possible to request for a cost estimate before the treatment. Patients may also want to ask for the total sum on the invoice after the treatment.
• KELA reimburses about 35 percent of the cost of private dental care.
• KELA reimbursements for private dental care: is not subject to KELA reimbursements.