City of Espoo’s outsourced dental care service

You receive your outsourced service number as the service is granted to you. You will need the number when you first contact the private dental clinic of your choice.

The outsourced service will be available for six months after it was granted and your treatment must be completed during this period.

What do I need to do?

  1. Select the private dental clinic you wish to use. You can find the clinics’ details below and on the city’s website at
  2. Book an appointment. You can contact the private clinics to inquire about the availability of appointments. Give your outsourced service number when booking your appointment.
  3. Visit the clinic according to your treatment plan.
  4. Pay for your treatment. The invoice will come from the City of Espoo.

Which treatments will I receive?

When granting an outsourced service, the city will determine which treatments are covered.

Service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

How much does treatment cost?

The final price of your treatment depends on the procedures you need. The price of your treatment at a private clinic is the same as it would be at the City of Espoo’s own dental clinics. Invoices for outsourced dental care services are sent by the City of Espoo.

Kela will not reimburse you for dental care costs under the Health Insurance Act. You may receive reimbursement for travel expenses in line with the Health Insurance Act.

If you would like to inquire about the possibility of receiving basic social assistance (granted by Kela) or supplementary social assistance (granted by the City of Espoo), please contact the organisation in question.

If you move out of Espoo in the middle of your treatment period, the validity of your outsourced service will end on your moving date. The City of Espoo is not liable for any treatment costs after your moving date.

The fee for uncancelled, missed appointments is based on the City of Espoo’s price list.

If you wish to stop using the outsourced service in the middle of your treatment period, inform the private dental clinic clearly that you want to discontinue your treatment. Then contact the customer service of the City of Espoo dental clinics, tel. 09 816 30 300. The City of Espoo will then offer you treatment at one of its own dental clinics. However, you may have to wait longer for your treatment.

Private dental clinics available to you

You can choose your dental clinic from among the clinics listed below. These companies may also have dental clinics in other locations, but they are not available to you as an outsourced service.

All of these private dental clinics have an accessible entrance. There are no devices for lifting clients in the consulting rooms.

Coronaria Hammasklinikka Kalevankatu

  • Open Mon–Thu 8:00–20:00, Fri 8:00–15:00
  • Kalevankatu 4 A 29, 5th floor, 00100 Helsinki
  • Appointments: tel. 09 607 566, Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00
  • Book an appointment online: Select “Espoon ostopalveluasiakkaat” as your client status under “Asiakkuus”.

Coronaria Hammasklinikka Tilkka

  • Open Mon–Thu 7:30-20:15, Fri 7:30-15
  • Mannerheimintie 164, 2nd floor, 00300 Helsinki
  • Appointments: tel. 010197035 Mon-Fri 8:00-15:00
  • Book an appointment online: Select “Espoon ostopalveluasiakkaat” as your client status under “Asiakkuus”.

Kotihammas Tikkurila

  • Open Mon 8:00–18:00, Tue 8:00–17:00, Wed 8:00–18:00, Thu–Fri 8:00–15:00
  • Vernissakatu 1, 01300 Vantaa
  • Appointments: tel. 09 838 7030, Mon-Fri 8-18
  • Book an appointment online: Select “Espoon ostopalveluasiakas” as your client status.