Contact with Disability Services on another person’s behalf

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Authorisation for another person to contact Disability Services on your behalf

If you find it difficult to manage your personal affairs, you can authorise somebody else to handle your matters with Disability Services on your behalf. An authorisation is always voluntary.

You can give the authorisation by filling in a form which you can find at the bottom of this page.

You can authorise another person to handle the following matters with the City of Espoo Disability Services on your behalf:

  • submit applications and appendices related to disability services
  • obtain information about the processing of an application
  • obtain information about the content of decisions regarding disability services
  • obtain information about other matters specified in the authorisation
  • attend meetings on your behalf

Please sign the form and take it to the Disability Services unit (Kamreerintie 2 A, 4th floor), where the authorisation and its limitations will be entered into the client data system.

You can sign the authorisation for a maximum of five years at a time. After this, you will need to sign a new authorisation.

You can cancel the authorisation by filling in a cancellation form and delivering it to Disability Services. You can find the cancellation form at the bottom of this page.

Please note that a service provider cannot act on behalf of the client using a power of attorney in matters that affect the service that is being provided.