Competitive tendering for transport services in Western Uusimaa will begin

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2019-12-05 8:58

The planning of the operations of the Western Uusimaa Transport Services has reached the stage of competitive tendering. The City of Espoo and the other municipalities in Western Uusimaa will organise information events in November.

The events are intended for transport companies and the purpose is to discuss matters related to submitting a tender. A procurement adviser will also be present. The events will be held in Finnish and the content of all events will be the same. The material related to the events will also be provided in Swedish.

There will be separate information events for clients before the transportation services begin.

Information events for transport companies:

  • 12 November 17:00–19:00, Espoo: Espoonkatu 5, City Council Hall, 1st floor, cafeteria
  • 13 November 17:00–19:00, Kirkkonummi: Ervastintie 2, Kirkkonummi Town Hall, Kirkkonummisali
  • 18 November 15:00–17:00, Tammisaari: Raaseporintie 5, the former nursing school, auditorium. A Swedish-speaking interpreter will be present.
  • 19 November 17:00–19:00, Lohja: Karstuntie 4, Monkola, Lohja Council Hall
  • 20 November 17:00–19:00, Nummela: Asemantie 30, Vihti Municipal Office, cafeteria

Please register for the events at

Starting next year, the Western Uusimaa Transport Services will take care of the transport services provided for persons with disabilities and the elderly in Espoo and other municipalities in Western Uusimaa. The introduction of the Transport Services will improve the availability, safety and monitoring of transport services. The operations have been planned in collaboration with both users and the local elderly and disability councils.

Further information about the reform of transport services is available at