Case of coronavirus variant suspected at an Espoo school

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2021-01-25 11:48

Three people who have been on the premises of Espoo International School have been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. There is a possibility that the infections have been caused by a coronavirus variant; further investigations are underway. The infected persons are in the same class. So far, no other infections have been detected among pupils in other classes or school staff.

A virus variant is suspected because the coronavirus test results were negative for the S gene. The samples have been sent for sequencing where the genome of the virus will be studied in more detail. Sequencing will determine whether a virus variant caused the coronavirus infections.

All those exposed have been quarantined for 14 days starting from their latest exposure. Since we cannot rule out the possibility of a coronavirus variant until we get the test results, we will deal with the situation as if the infections were caused by a coronavirus variant. As a precautionary measure, all those who have been exposed will be tested twice, even if they have no symptoms.

All the pupils’ guardians have been informed of the incident through Wilma. The guardians of the exposed pupils and the staff have been notified of the quarantine order and given instructions on what to do. The City of Espoo Infectious Disease Unit will call the guardians of the pupils who have been exposed and the adults who have been exposed.