Health and Well-being in Espoo

Espoo is the second largest city in Finland with 255,000 residents and part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. As centre of Finland’s innovation economy with major high-tech companies, research institutes and universities, Espoo aims at being a frontrunner in all fields.

The well-being of its residents is the primary goal in everything the city does and the residents’ satisfaction is examined in annual surveys on all municipal services. While Espoo’s demography is still characterised by young adults and children families, the most advanced approaches are applied for the needs of an aging population.

In Espoo, maternity and child health care services are used by almost all families. Early childhood education and care is provided in small groups all around the city by well-educated and multi-disciplinary staff. The services are valued highly by Espoo parents.

School health services assure a healthy growth and development and to construct a basis for a healthy adulthood. It covers physical, mental and social well-being of pupils and students. School social workers, psychologists, therapists and school health care staff identify the pupils’ and students’ need for support as early as possible.

For elders, the new Aging Policy Program is aimed to change into client-centered service culture. Its mission is in line with the city’s mission: "The City of Espoo creates opportunities for good quality of life". The program’s vision is "Full life in old age". Our aim is to achieve in 2018: all units are of “Live and reside” -type, houses functionally versatile, day centers included in every house, more possibilities for residents to participate in everyday life, units situated regionally.

While Espoo is a young city with rapid growth rates, the city has managed to keep natural surroundings prominent. In the densest residential areas green space is never further away than 1 km. To the South there is 58 km of coast line and an archipelago of some 165 islands. To the North Nuuksio National Park is the gateway to wild nature, highlighted by the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia.

In summary, the City of Espoo provides versatile services and a healthy environment to promote its residents’ well-being throughout their lifetime.


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