Search for items in the Sello Library with an app

2017-09-08 15:32

The Sello Library in Leppävaara tests the Paikasto app to help you find items in the library. Welcome to test the app Thursday 14th September at noon and 4 pm.

Among the participants and those who comment in the response function we will raffle two movie tickets for two.

You can get the Paikasto app on Google Play to a phone with Android. Paikasto webpage presents the app and tells you how to use it.

If you do not have a phone with Android, you can still check out the app with the library staff.

The app in Sello Library is one of a series of digitalization experiments in Espoo. The experiment is conducted in cooperation with the cooperative Luova Kupla and the library staff.

Leaflet of the Paikasto app in Finnish (pdf, 418 Kt)

Additional information:

Development Manager Valia Wistuba, Espoo’s digital agenda, tel. 043 825 2905, e-mail: