School year is about to begin

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2019-08-05 9:00

School year 2019-2020 begins in general upper secondary schools and Finnish speaking comprehensive schools on Thursday 8th of August. Swedish-speaking comprehensive schools start back up on 13th of August. 

The new school year is about to start in Espoo and schools are to return. Even more exciting it is for 3 750 first graders who will begin in comprehensive education. Alltogether there are 3 580 children who start in pre-primary education, almost 32 400 pupils in comprehensive schools and 5 750 general upper secondary school students in Espoo. 

All first-graders to start learning foreign language 

This school year all first-graders in Finland will begin foreign language learning in the first grade as of the upcoming spring 2020 at the latest. Language learning in early years promotes learner-centeredness, creativity, and interaction in language teaching.

Learning throughout Espoo

Learning in comprehensive education takes place not only in classrooms but in digital environments and throughout the city in environments such as forests and museums. As the current National core curriculum suggests technology is used as a tool to learn and as subject to learn about.

Work and holiday times

Autumn term ends on 20th December. Finnish-speaking schools and comprehensive schools have Autumn holiday from Monday 14th October to Friday 18th October. Swedish-speaking comprehensive schools have two days of Autumn holiday from 17th October to 18th October.

Work and holiday times