Safe visits to nursing homes and Espoo Hospital

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2020-11-18 10:50

The coronavirus epidemic is in the acceleration phase in Espoo. Through safety precautions and special visitor arrangements, we can prevent coronavirus infections in nursing homes and at Espoo Hospital.

We have recently heard some alarming news from nursing homes and Espoo Hospital where some visitors do not always follow the safety guidelines.

Visits by family members and friends are important to nursing home residents and hospital patients. “It is our responsibility to make sure that visits by families and friends are safe for the residents,” says Elina Kylmänen, the manager of long-term care in Espoo.

What this means in practice is that visits must be agreed on in advance. In addition, the staff instruct visitors to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser when they arrive and when they leave. We recommend that visitors also wear face masks on their way to the nursing home or hospital. Visitors get a mask when they arrive and are required to wear the mask throughout the visit, even when they are alone with the resident or patient in the nursing home apartment or hospital room.

“I understand that it may feel uncomfortable to wear a mask, but it is the best way to protect the most vulnerable patients,” says Espoo Hospital Manager Tiina Pahikainen.

By agreeing on visits in advance, we can make sure that a large number of visitors do not visit a nursing home or the hospital at the same time. Only a limited number of people are allowed to visit a unit at a time. We want to ensure that safe distances can be maintained in the nursing home residents’ apartments and in the hospital rooms.

Espoo’s visitor guidelines are based on the visitor guidelines issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (in Finnish and Swedish).

Protect the safety of residents and patients: Wear a mask, maintain safe distances and take care of hygiene!

It is very important that we all take care of our own and other people’s health to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

  1. Agree on your visit in advance. 
  2. Wear a mask! The recommendation on the use of masks applies to all persons aged 15 and older, also when visiting a nursing home resident in their apartment or a patient in a hospital room.
  3. Maintain safe distances. Remember to maintain a distance of 1–2 metres from other people. Visits take place in the rooms of the residents or patients. Avoid spending time in the public areas.
  4. Wash your hands with water and soap and use hand sanitiser at the beginning and end of your visit.
  5. If you have any symptoms, stay at home. Stay in touch with your loved one over the phone.

The coronavirus spreads easily, and it is therefore important to protect the health of us all. Take care of yourself, your friends and family and everyone around you.

Further information about the coronavirus: