Restaurant terraces can be established with a lighter procedure in Espoo this summer

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2020-06-09 9:18

Espoo wants to support coffee and restaurant entrepreneurs during the coronavirus crisis by lightening the permit procedure for restaurant terraces set up on the City’s land during this summer season. Renting additional space will also be more flexible than before. The land rent will be invoiced to the entrepreneurs only at the end of the season.

Establishing or expanding a restaurant terrace from June to September will not require the use of the Building Control permit procedure, if the land area in question has been leased from the City of Espoo and if the terrace does not include any permanent fixtures such as canopies. The City has compiled a separate set of instructions that depicts these terms in more detail. In practice, this lighter permit procedure means that you only need one application to get a permit to set up a terrace or rent additional space.

“The objective is to facilitate the operations of restaurant and cafe entrepreneurs in Espoo by lightening the permit procedure and cutting down the applications’ processing time. We will also postpone the due dates of the summer terraces’ rental invoices to the end of September,” says Olli Isotalo, the head of Espoo Technical and Environment Services. 

With regard to restaurant terraces on private land, entrepreneurs should contact Building Control to assess the action’s permit requirements. This should also be done if the terrace plan includes permanent fences or other structures or setting it up requires felling trees.

Instructions for renting an area for a restaurant terrace (pdf, 156 Kt)