Regional parent meetings in many different languages

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2019-08-15 8:36

Welcome to regional parent meetings which are targeted especially to families with other mother tongues than Finnish or Swedish.

In the meetings you can hear and ask about school, leisure services as well as health and social services.

In the meetings Finnish, Swedish and English languages are used.   

Cultural supervisors (speaking in Kurdish, Dari-Farsi, Arabic, Somali and Russian) and mother tongue language teachers will help with translations.

The regional parent meetings will be held

August 19th Mid & Northern Espoo region, Kirkkojärvi school, Kotikyläntie 6
August 22nd Matinkylä-Olari and Tapiola region, Tiistilä school, Tiistilänkuja 4 
August 27th Leppävaara region, Ruusutorppa school, Leppävaarankatu 24 
August 28th Espoonlahti region, Maininki school, Maininkitie 23 


5pm – 6.15 pm: Introduction of the regional services (all the service providers mentioned below are present)

6.15 pm – 7.15 pm: After the “market of regional services” the parents of those children who participate in mother tongue teaching, will move to language group-meetings 

The following staff will be present in the meetings: Cultural supervisors (speaking in Kurdish, Dari-Farsi, Arabic, Somali and Russian), mother tongue language teachers and religion teachers, family and social services, leisure services, guidance counselors, early childhood educators, oral health services, other organizations from the non-governmental organization sector as well as Finnish language teachers and the Espoo multicultural education unit representatives. 

Speaking in Arabic (pdf, 301 Kt)
Speaking in Dari-Farsi (pdf, 236 Kt)
Speaking in English (pdf, 178 Kt)
Speaking in Kurdish (pdf, 250 Kt)
Speaking in Russian (pdf, 186 Kt)
Suomenkielinen kutsu (pdf, 155 Kt)