Outsourced dental care in Matinkylä, longer opening hours in municipal dental clinics

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2018-09-26 8:00

Dental care in the Greater Matinkylä area will be outsourced starting from 2019. The opening hours of the dental clinics of the City of Espoo will be extended.

  • The City of Espoo will purchase dental care services from private service providers in the Greater Matinkylä area. The service providers are required to provide accessible and easy-to-reach services.
  • The residents of Matinkylä can also use other dental clinics of the City of Espoo, as all clinics in Espoo serve all Espoo residents. They can choose a dental clinic when they book an appointment. About one in three dental clinic clients in Espoo visit a clinic that is not in their residential area.
  • The opening hours of large dental clinics will be extended in the beginning of 2019.
  • As until now, persons under 18 years of age will continue to be treated by the city’s own dental clinics.
  • The city and child health clinics will cooperate to develop the dental care of children who are not yet in school.

Flexible service and freedom of choice

The opening hours to of large dental clinics will be extended n the beginning of 2019. Every week, appointments will be available until 20:00. Also, a service voucher pilot will be prepared. Service vouchers would grant Espoo residents an even greater freedom to choose the place where they want to go for dental health care services.

– “Espoo residents have requested extended opening hours and locations that are easy to reach by public transport. We now propose a solution that involves longer opening hours and ensures that services will remain in the Greater Matinkylä area and be increasingly flexible,” says Sanna Svahn, Director of Health Services.

The dental clinic at Matinkatu in Matinkylä will be closed at the same time as the health centre. The dental clinic personnel will be relocated to other dental clinics in Espoo. The Matinkylä health centre moves to the Iso Omena Service Centre on the third floor of the shopping centre in the beginning of 2019.

Further information

The Decision of the Social- and Health Committee, 25 September 2018 (in Finnish)
Dental health care services and dental clinics: www.espoo.fi/dentalcare