One case of measles found in Espoo – low risk of infection

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2018-12-05 18:04

Measles was detected in an adult in Espoo on 4 December 2018. The person has contracted measles while on a trip to Asia. The person has had one shot of measles vaccine as a child. That lowers the likelihood that the measles infection will spread to others.

The HUS special health care and the Infectious Diseases Unit of Espoo have cooperatively charted the persons have been exposed and risk getting sick. A few dozen people have been exposed, the majority of whom have already been reached and given further instructions. Those among this group, who have not had measles or have not received two shots of vaccine against measles, have now been given MMR vaccine as a protective measure.

In Espoo, there is good immunisation coverage against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). For example, 97 per cent of children born in 2015 in Espoo have been vaccinated against MMR. This coverage gives so called herd immunity.

In Espoo, MMR vaccines are given in maternity and child health clinics (neuvolas), in school and student health service and in health centres.