New high-class hotel planned for central Tapiola

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2018-06-13 15:15
Illustration: SARC Architects.

A new high-class hotel with more than 200 rooms is being planned for central Tapiola. A new hotel building will be constructed on the southern edge of the Kulttuuriaukio Square, and some hotel premises will be in Tapiola’s Central tower next door. There are plans to open a café for the public at the top of the tower. The company behind the project is Regenero Oy that has requested a planning reservation for the area from the City of Espoo. It has also been negotiating with Kämp Collection Hotels Oy on the operation of the new hotel.

The new hotel and business premises on the southern side of Kulttuuriaukio Square would replace the office building currently located there. The premises would be seamlessly connected to the Tapiontori shopping centre designed by Architect Aarne Ervi. As ramps will be removed from the area, the pedestrian zone will become even safer and more comfortable. The new café, restaurant and business premises will have large windows in all directions, increasing the liveliness of the pedestrian area of central Tapiola.

Hotel accompanied by a cinema

According to the plans, the hotel premises will also include a cinema centre whose high-quality, high-comfort auditoriums will complement the film offering of Kino Tapiola and the Cultural Centre. Regenero Oy reports having discussed the cinema centre with Cine Tapiola, Espoo Ciné and Ilona Studios Oy. Ilona Studios is also preparing to open a cinema in Kamppi, Helsinki, near the old bus station.

Central Tapiola is being thoroughly renewed. As the largest pedestrian zone in Finland expands, the service and cultural offering in the area will become more versatile. The architectural and landscape-related values of Tapiola Garden City constructed in the 1960s will be highlighted even better.

“Regenero Oy’s project is an excellent match to the city’s goal to develop Tapiola as a cultural centre and to turn the area of the Kulttuuriaukio Square in particular into a high-quality, lively cultural environment. The project also supports the development of the Heikintori shopping centre,” says Olli Isotalo, Director of Technical and Environment Services.

“The project plans also lay an excellent groundwork for the Kulttuuriaukio Square architectural competition announced in early May,” says Isotalo.

Smooth transitions to and from the metro and the feeder bus terminal

The new hotel in the heart of Tapiola’s pedestrian zone will have excellent traffic connections. The plans take account of smooth transitions to and from the metro and the feeder bus terminal. Furthermore, a direct elevator will lead from Tapiola’s central car park to the hotel.

Founded in 2016, Regenero Oy is a joint venture owned by YIT Construction Ltd and HGR Property Partners Oy. It executes extensive real estate development projects in key locations with excellent traffic connections. It also has a major ongoing development project in Keilaniemi, Espoo. This project includes a thorough renovation and modernisation of Fortum’s former headquarters and commercial development of the Keilaniemi area.

The Business and Competitiveness Subcommittee of the City Board will discuss the planning reservation in its meeting on 11 June 2018. While the planning reservation is in force, the preconditions for realising the project are investigated. After this, a separate decision will be made on whether the project will be launched.

Business and Competitiveness Subcommittee meeting agenda 11 June 2018

Cultural Centre and Kulttuuriaukio Square architectural competition