Mobile feedback quickly and conveniently

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2020-12-03 10:20

Did you know that you can give feedback easily with the Trimble Feedback app that you can download to your phone?

You can download it from the top right corner of our feedback page (“Download mobile app”) or from your own app store (App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store).

It is easy to use: select the service, take a photo, write your feedback and send it. The app uses the location service of your phone as long as the service function of your phone is turned on. So, send your feedback directly from the location!

Mobile feedback is handled in the same way as feedback received through the feedback system on the website. You do not have to wonder about whether your feedback goes through – you will get a confirmation message.

Mobile feedback is an easy and quick way to report, for example, broken traffic lights, incorrectly parked vehicles, traffic signs forgotten or fallen after construction work, road signs pointing in the wrong direction or blocked road gullies. Mobile feedback is well suited for relatively simple, easy-to-report issues.