Mobile application receives praise – the same information already available online

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2019-06-10 10:17

Seeking to enhance customer service, the Iso Omena Service Centre tested a mobile application in early 2019. The pilot began in December 2018 and ended in March 2019. During this period, the application was introduced to both clients and employees. The Service Centre will not bring the mobile application into permanent use, at least not for now.

The pilot set out to investigate if a mobile application would complement the customer service already available at the Service Centre and if Espoo residents would find it an important addition to other forms of customer service.

The application was well received by both clients and employees. They described it as clear and easy to use. Many of its features garnered positive feedback, such as the descriptions of the Service Centre’s services, the links to e-service channels and the feedback system. The users also found value in the customer service chat that was tested towards the end of the experiment.

Younger clients in particular pointed out, however, that an organisation does not need a mobile application if its website is clear and works on a mobile device.

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The Service Centre will not bring the mobile application into permanent use, at least not for now, because the City of Espoo is currently investigating potential city-level solutions for the same purpose. Furthermore, the Service Centre’s website was updated in autumn 2018 and served as the application’s main source of information. In other words, the same information is already available through a web browser.

“The mobile application gained a lot of positive feedback, and we noticed a clear need for an information package that can be carried around in one’s pocket. However, our website at also works on mobile devices, and we are constantly working to improve its clarity,” says Suvi Jäntti, Service Centre Coordinator.

Technical improvements to the website’s performance on mobile devices can be expected in late 2020 when all the websites of the City of Espoo – the Service Centre website included – will be transferred to a new content management system.

Further information

Juha-Pekka Strömberg, Customer Service Manager, City of Espoo, tel. 043 826 8538