Mayor’s Innovation Competition to be opened to companies, too

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2021-03-12 10:30

This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the innovation competition organised by the mayor of Espoo. To celebrate the occasion, the competition will be opened to companies in Espoo in addition to City personnel. You can sign up for the competition right after Easter on 6 April 2021 and you have until 24 May 2021 to enter.

The competition is looking for reforms and ideas to improve services for residents of Espoo and develop operating methods in keeping with the Espoo Story. Special attention will be paid to proposals that put customers and residents first − as the recipients of better services or even as cooperation partners in development work. The competition also aims at making the continuous innovative development work carried out in Espoo visible.

“Doing things together is the cornerstone of our innovation work in the spirit of Make with Espoo. That is why we decided to open the competition to our crucial developer partners: businesses in Espoo. This way, I want to emphasise the fact that the best innovations are created when we combine our competence with that of companies. This is just one way to strengthen the innovation ecosystem, or developer network, in Espoo,” says Mayor Jukka Mäkelä.

Economic sustainability and surviving the coronavirus pandemic as themes

The 2021 competition is looking for resident- and customer-oriented innovations with two themes:

  • Economically sustainable Espoo
  • Pandemic to sustainable growth.

The competition has two brackets:

  1. Innovations. New innovations that have already shown that they can be effective or profitable in the way they approach challenges.
  2. Potential innovations. New innovations that are still in the development stage and have the potential to approach challenges effectively and profitably.

In other words, we are looking for innovations that have already had the opportunity to demonstrate their usefulness or fresh ideas whose benefits will be reaped later.

Put your thinking caps on now

Officially, the competition will start on 6 April 2021 with the publication of the instructions and assessment criteria on the website.

“Companies in Espoo and the work communities of the City of Espoo should already start reflecting on whether they have carried out reforms or come up with ideas that could qualify for the competition,” Mäkelä says.

Ideal candidates for the competition include customer-oriented innovations with true novelty value that have streamlined operations and made them more profitable.

A panel at Excellence Finland will evaluate the applications and select those going through to the next round. The selected innovators will be informed of their inclusion in the final in late June or early July. The finalists will be invited to give a brief presentation of their innovations at the City of Espoo management forum in late August, and the winners will be announced in October. The winners are awarded cash prizes. The competition can also be used as a stepping stone for the national and international Quality Innovation Award competition.

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