Limited access to Iso Omena Service Centre

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2020-03-17 13:57

All libraries in Espoo are closed as of 17 March 2020. At the Iso Omena Service Centre, the library shares spaces with other services. Customers can only enter the library to go through it to other services.

All customers should use the main entrance of the Service Centre to access the services that are open. The escalator that leads directly to the main entrance, both elevators and the stairs are in use. The entrance that leads directly to the maternity and child health clinic has been closed with class doors.

Customers can only enter the library if they must go through it to visit other services that are open: the health centre, mental health and substance abuse services, Kela, the Service Point, the Ohjaamotalo One-Stop Guidance Centre or the maternity and child health clinic. Customers are not allowed to stay and read books or magazines, for example. The hobby and leisure spaces at Iso Omena Library are closed until further notice. These include the makerspace Paja, the music studio and the music room, the youth space Vox and all meeting rooms.

Further information about the services currently open at the Iso Omena Service Centre is available in another news article.

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