Joint preparation of the Otaniemi school project

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2017-09-06 16:27
In Espoo, the possibility has been investigated of leasing premises in Otaniemi for the needs of at least two upper secondary schools as well as temporary premises for comprehensive schools and office premises for the city. Potentially suitable premises have been found at Tietotie 6, but the decision to lease them or regarding which schools would move into the premises has not been made yet.

The plan would make possible the placement of several comprehensive or upper secondary schools as well as hundreds of office workstations or temporary schoolrooms in the same building. On 19 June 2017, the Premises and Housing Division of the City Board called for continuation of the Otaniemi school project preparations and the lease negotiations regarding the office building situated at Tietotie 6. The building is owned by YIT Construction Ltd and HGR Property Partners Oy and has a gross leasable area of approximately 25,000 sqm.

Decisions on the matter have not been made and a lease has not been signed yet. The preparations are proceeding with hearing of various parties in collaboration by Technical and Environmental Services and Education and Cultural Services. The potential lease will come into the processing of the City’s decision-making bodies later.

Determining which schools and city functions will move into the building

Education and Cultural Services have investigated the possible options for using the building. The increasing need for places for English-speaking pupils, for example, has been considered during the process. For this reason, it has been investigated whether Espoo International School, currently located in Suurpelto, could move into the building on Tietotie if the decision is made to lease the premises. The possibility of Olari Upper Secondary School and the Swedish-speaking Mattlidens gymnasium upper secondary school and its IB programme moving into the building has also been considered in the preparations. Plans have been and will be presented to parents and guardians at residents’ evenings on 5 September and 11 September 2017.

The Finnish-language Education and Early Education Committee and the Swedish Education and Cultural Committee will give statements on the project from the viewpoints of organisation of education, pedagogy, activities, finances and the education services network. The Education and Early Education Committee will discuss the matter in its meeting on 20 September, and the Swedish Education and Cultural Committee will discuss it on 28 September 2017.  After the processing by the committees, a decision proposal will be prepared for the Premises and Housing Division of the City Board and for the budget.

More information
Head of Technical Services, Olli Isotalo, tel. +358 50 593 3359
Head of Education and Cultural Services, Aulis Pitkälä, tel. +358 43 827 1105