The Eka keikka (First Gig) campaign offers a peek into the life of an entrepreneur

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2021-05-18 15:30

The City of Espoo partners in the Eka keikka (First Gig) entrepreneurship campaign, where Johannes “Hatsolo” Hattunen offers memorable gigs to job seekers dreaming of entrepreneurship. The cooperation will include three separate campaign kick-offs to be carried out in May, August and November 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on the unemployment statistics, and for many job seekers, self-employment is the only viable option. The campaign offers would-be-entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain their first gig and encourages those interested in entrepreneurship to launch their own business operations.

Five gig jobs are on offer on each application round, each paying a €100 reward. The calls for application will be published on Johannes Hattunen’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and distributed on the City of Espoo Facebook and Instagram accounts. The application process has been made as easy as possible: You can submit your application by commenting on the questions presented on the publication. The first application round is open until 9 May 2021. The next call for applications will be published on 6 August 2021, and the last call carried out in cooperation with the City of Espoo will open on 11 November 2021.  

Johannes “Hatsolo” Hattunen is best known as an Olympic breakdancer, speaker, serial entrepreneur and occupational well-being coach. Hatsolo’s businesses include Hatsolo Oy, training studio TFW Helsinki and Saiffa Oy Flow Mo Dance School.


Did you know that Business Espoo offers business advice and support on your journey from a business idea to entrepreneurship, free of charge! If you are tempted to start your own business, but do not know how to get started, book a business advice appointment.