Problem solving in the biggest Dash Design Hackathon event in Europe

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2018-10-05 10:29

City of Espoo and other Business Espoo operators are involved in the biggest Dash Design Hackathon event in Europe, where International student teams tackle interesting challenges presented by leading companies on 12-14 October in Kattilahalli, Suvilahti, Helsinki.

Business Espoo is currently taking its place in A Grid in Otaniemi. Some of the operators have already moved into the new space and the rest of the team will join them in November.

The Business Espoo ecosystem is a new type of service plan for businesses and entrepreneurs in Espoo and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The Business Espoo ecosystem speeds up management and makes it easier by bringing all services under one roof. The ecosystem’s action strategy is currently being prepared.

Business Espoo will present the following challenge to the Dash Design Hackathon participants: "Please design a consept for a customer-oriented service centre where companies can find information about various business services offered by the operators involved in the Business Espoo ecosystem".

  • The timing of Dash could not be better and it will play an important role when we work on Business Espoo’s business strategy. We are hoping for new kinds of solutions to our challenges. In our experience, working with Aalto University students is always so inspiring, as they come up with new viewpoints and effective solutions,” says Heli Hidén, Project Manager at the City of Espoo. “Rapidly growing companies may not be familiar with the services provided by the operators involved in Business Espoo, so it is now important to find ways to provide information about our services in an easy, modern and customer-oriented way,” Hidén continues.

The Dash Design Hackathon will bring about 300 participants from 20 different countries to Kattilahalli in Suvilahti, Helsinki, on 12–14 October. The students come mainly from the fields of creative industries, engineering and business. They will attempt to solve a total of eight challenges, presented not only by the City of Espoo but also Electronic Arts, R-Kioski, Finavia and Lassila&Tikanoja, among others.

  • “Business Espoo’s challenge is, in my opinion, very interesting and one of the best because the city gives free hands to innovate in any direction. Hence the creativity on our teams is not limited at all,” says Heikki Ruhanen from Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, the event organiser.

For more information:

Heli Hidén
Project manager, Services Development, The City of Espoo, puh. 040 801 9930

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Dash is organized by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, the largest and most developed student entrepreneurship community in Europe. Aaltoes organizes various events and programs to promote entrepreneurship and help early-stage startups to start their ventures. Aaltoes is behind events and programs such as Kiuas, early-stage startup incubator, and FallUp, Europe’s entrepreneurship event for students.

A hackathon is a tool for problem solving, where a group of people gathers to find solutions to a given challenge. The word has its roots in software development, but the term is used more than ever to describe intensive, short-term problem solving.

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