A unique city

Growing fast and sustainably

Espoo is the second largest and one the fastest growing cities in Finland with 280 000 inhabitants. Part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

The number of residents has increased tenfold within fifty years and the growth will continue by 45 % population growth within next 30 years.

Photo: Jyrki Vesa

Economic power

Espoo is one of the best cities for economic potential in Europe. Our city is placed in fDi's Small European Cities of the Future 2018/19 category to the top 10 (8. place) , when comparing small cities (population 100 000 – 350 000) for economic potential.

50 % of the Helsinki Stock Exchange turnover comes from the companies located in Espoo.

Over 500 international companies have located in Espoo.

We have the highest income level compared to the other major cities in Finland.

City of families

Children playing in the nature

Our residents are the youngest of all the major Finnish cities. 20 % of inhabitants are under 15 years old.

High quality of life

Photo: Marko Oikarinen

Nature is always nearby in Espoo. We have 95 lakes, 165 islands and 58 km of coastline. 41 % of the surface is water. Forest and recreation areas are only 20 km away from global company headquarters like Nokia, Kone, Neste and Rovio.

Espoo is placed in fDi's Small European Cities of the Future 2018/19 category to the top 10 (5. place), when comparing small cities (population 100 000 – 350 000) for human capital and lifestyle.

According to the research of National Institute for Health and Welfare the Espoo residents are the healthiest people in Finland.

Espoo ranks safest city in country.


Espoo is one of the most international cities in Finland with over 120 different languages.

Home city of Aalto University

aalto-oppimiskeskuksen oleskelutila.
Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo

The Aalto University station in Otaniemi serves as a gateway to an expanding higher education campus. The majority of the university’s core operations will be located here by 2021.

City of experiences

The lively art scenen that offers exhibitions, concerts, intrenational festivals and cultural events. The great variety of sports and major international sports events provide possibilities to relax and rejuvenate.