The first residential plot sold in maritime Finnoo by the future metro line

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2019-09-05 16:41

Today, the City of Espoo sold the first residential plot in the new maritime district of Finnoo that will be located by the metro line. The buyer, Skanska, will build two eight-storey buildings on the plot. The building rights in the area comprise 7,000 floor square metres. Construction is estimated to begin in late 2019. The first Finnoo residents will move to their new homes in early 2021.

Olli Isotalo, Director of Technical and Environment Services at the City of Espoo, considers Finnoo an attractive area for construction companies, businesses and residents.

“The local detailed plan of Finnoo contains residential, business and office premises and public services – all within easy reach by excellent public transport. Although most commercial services will be located near the station, the shoreline also offers numerous entrepreneurial opportunities,” Isotalo says.

Finnoo metro station

“The traffic connections to and from Finnoo make it a highly attractive location. The first apartment buildings in the area will be right next door to the metro station. The pre-marketing of our first residential building in Finnoo will begin this autumn. As we have been involved in the development of this area since 2013, we are delighted to start launching these construction projects,” says Juhani Aspara, Regional Manager at Skanska.

Finnoo will be built from the best bits of Espoo: the sea, the metro, nature and environmental friendliness

Built according to the principles of sustainable urban development, Finnoo is a completely new, ecological residential and employment area by the sea and the metro line.

“From day one, the area has be planned and developed as a whole. This is a great opportunity to employ the newest construction and design solutions that have already proven their value, in a way that is both climate-smart and intelligent. Finnoo’s construction is steered by the energy efficiency requirements of the City of Espoo,” says Kimmo Leivo, Project Director of the Finnoo Development Project.

“Finnoo already has some cutting-edge technical solutions, such as heat recovery from wastewater. Zero-emission district heating and cooling are on their way.”

Buildings in Finnoon keskus

Finnoo will be a unique district in Espoo because its marina will be seamlessly integrated into the urban structure. The urban Finnoo will bring together homes, office spaces and versatile commercial and public services – but nature, parks, outdoor trails and the valuable bird wetland are also near.

Illustrations: Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects Ltd

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