New community-centred and eco-efficient residential block in Espoo’s Mäkkylä

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2019-10-25 10:17

Skanska is designing a new community-centred and eco-efficient block of timber apartment buildings, known as BoKylä, in Espoo’s Mäkkylä. The aim is to build some 400 new homes in the area by 2026.

Illustration of BoKylä in Mäkkylä
Illustration of BoKylä in Mäkkylä. Arkkitehtitoimisto KONKRET Oy. 

This new residential area with a main street running through it will add to the existing urban structure and offer the residents of the surrounding areas an opportunity to utilise the facilities and services available in the new area. BoKylä will be a good counterpoint to the Leppävaara district centre with its services only two kilometres away.

Skanska’s plan highlights a sense of community and a functional neighbourhood in this village-like area. The plan provides an excellent setting for the creation of a community and collective activities. The current and future residents of the area will play an important role during the urban planning and design processes.

In addition to the eco-efficient BoKlok homes, the area will include group rental housing designed by A-Kruunu.

“BoKylä will be a lively area with trees and other plants forming part of the living environment. Mäkkylä is an evolving area and we believe that BoKylä will become a popular place to live,” says A-Kruunu’s Managing Director Jari Mäkimattila.

Timber adds to the village-like atmosphere

The City of Espoo requested proposals for the area through an open call and received a total of 12 submissions. In the evaluation of each proposal, emphasis was put on the proposal’s suitability for the existing environment and practical yard, parking and traffic arrangements.  Innovations and energy efficiency also added value to the proposal in the evaluators’ eyes.

“A particular strength of the concept is the village-like atmosphere to which the selected timber material contributes beautifully. The main street and the small-scale square at its western end, formed by a community centre and grocery store, will tie the area together into a functional whole. This provides a good starting point for planning the actual amendment to the local detailed plan,” says Project Director Mika Rantala from the City of Espoo.