Green hub for sustainable mobility

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2020-10-07 15:21

In the near future, a pedestrian centre and services will be developed in Leppävaara.

Leppävaara is the third busiest public transport hub in the Helsinki metropolitan area and also accounted for one third of Espoo’s population growth last year. In 2019, Espoo acquired more than 6,000 new residents, of which 2,000 in the Greater Leppävaara area.

Havainnekuvassa Leppävaaran keskus.
Indicative plan of what Leppävaara is to look like, viewed from the direction of the Ring I road.

There are three key goals for Leppävaara: condensing the urban structure, improving public transport and services, and expanding the pedestrian zone.

“The basis for project development is that at present this environment does not meet the requirements of a heavy-traffic area,” says Mika Rantala, Project Director of the Greater Leppävaara area.

The Sello shopping centre is the heart of Leppävaara, and the current project is intended to develop its immediate vicinity.

“The ‘Leppävaara centre’ vision involves a new business park to the north and the Hatsinanpuisto business park to the east of Sello. All these are within walking distance of each other. We are seeking to create a larger city centre that can generate positive urban buzz,” explains Rantala.

The redeveloped city centre is also meant to be greener and more accessible. Car parks will be relocated underground, and the bridge spanning the railway is intended to house services along with an indoor terminal space for both bus and train passengers.

These projects are consistent with sustainable mobility and public transport. Several of the planned new housing estates are located along the forthcoming Jokeri Light Rail, and cycling routes are being planned along with the expanded pedestrian zone.

The area is being designed according to the wishes of its residents, who have been invited to participate actively in the development work through residents’ forums and other channels.

“I’ve been meeting local residents on a monthly basis under the heading Tehtävä Leppävaarassa [Mission Leppävaara], and I run a public Facebook group where people can discuss current affairs and development initiatives,” Rantala says.



(under construction)

about 100,000 sq.m of floor space

(offices, hotel, housing and commercial space)


(under construction)

250,000 sq.m of floor area for housing

School centre



(under construction)

60,000 sq.m of floor area mainly for housing

Leppävaara centre

new railway station bridge

35,000 sq.m of floor area for housing

25,000 sq.m of floor area for offices

20,000 sq.m of floor area for a hotel, services and businesses


40,000 sq.m of floor area for housing


30,000 sq.m of floor area for housing


25,000 sq.m of floor area for housing

Leppävaara statistics

Population: 71,500

Population increase: 9,000 by 2025

Jobs: 30,000

Jokeri Light Rail: 9 km in Leppävaara

Leppävaara – Cluster of traffic and business

The article has been published in Espoo Magazine 2.2020