Espoon keskus – Urban, evolving growth centre

Espoon keskus (Espoo centre) is a growing city centre and a western gateway to the metropolitan area with some 19,000 inhabitants now and an estimated population of 30,000 by 2050. The multifaceted, unique Vanha-Espoo (Old Espoo) comprises of a compact urban centre, historic cultural landscapes, village communities and numerous green zones.

Espoon keskus has great public transportation connections and is located right next to the railway. Accessibility will be further improved as the Espoo City Rail Link will be constructed by the end of 2028. All city services are within walking distance in Espoon keskus. There are good connections to Nuuksio National Park and its wide range of recreational possibilities.

Located just next to the mass transit station, the administrative centre is being made into a more pleasant environment. Activity plazas, which will serve as venues for presentations, performances or art, are under construction next to the City Council building.

Social welfare and health services are also available in the central area, Samaria Health Centre provides everyday health services and Jorvi Hospital, located in the outskirts of Espoon keskus, has expanded with the new Espoo Hospital.

Omnia, a joint authority of education and a regional development centre, provides vocational education to some 10,000 students, over half of whom study in Espoon keskus. The Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region also consists of Omnia Youth Workshops, Omnia Apprenticeship Training and Inno-Omnia, where artisans, new types of service providers, students and coaches work together.

You can read about Espoon keskus in Finnish from our Finnish website.

Aerial view from Espoon keskus.
Photo: Suomen ilmakuva Oy.

Distance from Helsinki Central Railway Station

About 25 minutes by train

Espoon keskus development

Espoon keskus will be developed into the most significant city centre of the western metropolitan area. The area will become increasingly urban and more compact through the construction of more residential buildings.

Suviniitty area, currently under construction, will increase the population by 1,000 and the former administrative centre will be transformed into a diverse city environment.

The Entresse and Espoontori shopping centres will be enlarged and new apartments constructed. Wide complementary construction will also create demand for new services.

The new residential buildings of Suviniitty.
Photo: Janne Ketola / Summit Media Oy.

Most important development projects

Suviniitty city centre blocks

Construction is ongoing and will continue for the next three years with the construction of five residential blocks and a new parking building.

Development of the administrative centre

The Entresse and Espoontori shopping centres house over 40 speciality shops, a library and the municipal archives. Commercial services will be further improved over the next decade. New housing will be attached to these services. On the north side of the railway, city administrative buildings will give way to new housing development whose construction will finish in 2021. A new Espoo residents’ building will be constructed in the area. In addition to premises needed by the city, the building will be designed to provide diverse residents’ services, a service centre, culture and business facilities and multipurpose facilities that can serve as venues for decision-making and co-operation with the residents.

Espoo residents’ building.
Illustration: Arkkitehtitoimisto Anttila & Rusanen.

Lommila shopping centre and Nimismiehenpelto

Straddling the Turku motorway, the Lommila shopping centre and Nimismiehenpelto will be simultaneously developed. The area of the Lommila shopping centre will be 110,000 m2. Grocery shops may account for 4,000 m2 of the area. 


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