The western part of the centre of Tapiola to form a prestigious architectural entity

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2021-03-11 15:40

Dwellings for about 400 people and a total of 5,200 sqm of commercial and office spaces will be designed and constructed in the western part of the centre of Tapiola. This will add a new, prestigious entity to the area. The City Board of Espoo will decide on the overall contract with YIT Finland Ltd at its meeting on 15 March 2021. The construction of new dwellings is set to begin this spring.

Illustration of buildings on Merituulentie.
Illustration of the building complex planned on the Merituulentie plot. Image: YIT Finland Ltd.

This is another significant step in the reform of the centre of Tapiola to develop it into an even more pleasant and versatile urban centre,” says Project Director Antti Mäkinen from the City of Espoo.

The contract partner of the City of Espoo, YIT Finland Ltd, is developing, planning and constructing an entity that comprises of dwellings as well as commercial, service and office premises in the area. The contract covers the sales contract for the residential and facility plots as well as two long-term land lease contracts. The project will be carried out in phases between 2021 and 2026. The area covered by the contract includes the residential plots at Itätuulenkuja 2 and 4, the facility plot on Merituulentie, and the adjoining public areas Sammonsilta, Neljäntuulensilta and Merituulenkuja.

The contract is being drafted to ensure smooth everyday operations during and after construction

The City of Espoo will sell the residential plot at Itätuulenkuja 4 and the facility plot on Merituulentie to YIT Finland Ltd. At the same time, the City-owned KOy Espoon Koulu- ja päiväkotitilat will sell its shares in KOy Kielas to YIT Finland Ltd. KOy Kielas owns the residential plot at Itätuulenkuja 2 in the western part of the centre of Tapiola. The City and YIT Finland Ltd have drafted an overall contract that covers these plots and the adjoining public areas.

The City has already ordered the construction of a concrete deck to cover the plot above Merituulentie street. At the moment, there is a temporary fitness and playing area on the deck. A new location for these activities is currently being sought in the centre of Tapiola. All the construction work on this plot will take place on the deck, which means that the works will not cause any disturbance to the traffic on Merituulentie. The residents’ parking spaces will be located on the plots, under a deck.

The works will be started immediately upon the approval of the contract. The residential building at Itätuulenkuja 4 will be constructed first, together with the Sammonsilta pedestrian area, which provides a direct connection from southern Tapiola to the metro station. This connection will be opened to the public towards the end of 2022. The construction works in the area will be completed in 2026.