Suurpelto – a unique Garden City

Aerial view over Suurpelto. Photo: Olli Urpela

Suurpelto is a unique park city in the middle of Espoo with great connections to other parts of Espoo, Helsinki, and the airport. Currently, there are approximately 4,100 inhabitants living in Suurpelto and estimated to grow to at least 14,000 by 2050. Suurpelto is being built to an architecturally coherent whole and in line with sustainable development values. Construction projects of 1,000,000 square metres of floor area will be completed by 2050. At the moment the area has been built altogether with 170 000 square meters of floor area.

You can read about Suurpelto development in Finnish from our Finnish website.

Commercial, cultural and recreational services can already be found in the area, and will be built further in the future. A central part of the area is new innovative “pop up” spaces, which are built as part of the residential buildings. This enables different activities for the residents of the area and several opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Street view of services in Suurpelto. Photo: Ville Taajamaa

The Opinmäki education and leisure centre is an open place for encounters

The Opinmäki campus is a great example of the future of public building projects. The campus is an active service center and meeting place even at nights and on weekends. Espoo International School is a joint comprehensive school operating in the campus. It constitutes a uniform, international English-language comprehensive school with more than 650 pupils in grades 1–9. Finnish school Olari is also located in Opinmäki with 150 pupils in grades 1-5. You can also find Opinmäki daycare center and a modern “active learning “library, which is open for citizens every day of the year.

Lounge at Suurpelto Library. Photo: Ville Taajamaa

A centre for commercial and other services will rise in the vicinity of Lukutori Square in the most central place of the growing Suurpelto, forming the heart and meeting place of the area. The new, modern shopping centre was opened in November 2017. The new shopping centre will also feature good parking facilities to be used by shoppers and residents of the same block. Commercial services will further improve in the second phase of the centre with the introduction of more future shops. There are also several shops in the main street of Suurpelto.

More residential buildings are being built near services in Suurpelto. Photo: Ville Taajamaa

A wide range of recreational services for kids, adults and senior citizens are available in Suurpelto. Outdoor activities such as skiing, orienteering and hiking can be done in the nearby Espoo Central Park. Suurpelto inhabitants are active and this is being supported by offering them the chance to participate in different projects, to support events and current affairs.

At the moment, the City of Espoo is one of the biggest employers in the area. There are also many private employers in the area. Some 3,800 people are currently employed in Suurpelto.

Garden centre Muhevainen in Suurpelto. Photo: Janne Ketola

Suurpelto development

Suurpelto is currently being developed and new services are being employed together with local operators and inhabitants. The area is being developed with closeness to nature, activity lifestyle and ecological values in mind.

Commercial services are also being developed according to local values and vision. The Suurpelto shopping centre and new commercial services on the main street is a significant part of Suurpelto’s final cityscape. The first phase of the construction was completed in 2017. Supporting entrepreneurship and activity in the area are important development areas.


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