Niittykumpu is growing into something new

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2018-10-16 11:05

In the coming years, the appearance of Niittykumpu will change and its population will more than double thanks to denser residential construction. Yet, the area will remain as verdant as ever.

New blocks of flats near the metro station, parks, excellent sports opportunities within arm’s reach, shops close by and less than two kilometres to the seashore. In the coming years, the Niittykumpu residential area will go through major changes with denser and more urban residential arrangements and the population more than doubling. The area currently holds 5,000 residents but, in a few years, the number may increase to 12,000.

The population increase in Niittykumpu is expected to be the highest in Espoo, and the number of school-age children is estimated to increase by 300 by 2026. New school premises will be gained from the existing buildings in the area, as the former Outokumpu head office on Riihitontuntie will be converted to form Uusikumpu School.

Illustration: SARC Architects Oy

A testament to the appeal of the area is that Lidl has moved its head office to Niittymäentie in Niittykumpu, about a kilometre from the metrostations of Niittykumpu and Urheilupuisto. Lidl had the old premises of Digital and Trainer’s House renovated for its purposes.

Managing Director of Lidl Lauri Sipponen, sees the proximity of railway connections, i.e. the metro, and the availability parking as important criteria for selecting a business site. The company’s head office was in Niittykumpu at the beginning of the millennium but it was moved elsewhere for a little while. During this time, Niittykumpu has, according to Sipponen, developed into an even better location for commerce than before.

“The proximity of the Esport complex and the entire sports park is a big plus. We valued good sports and recreation services very highly, along with commercial services in the immediate vicinity of the head office.

Upon implementation, the town plan confirmed last February will change the look of Niittykumpu. The densest concentration of new housing will be completed in the Niittykallio area to the southwest, where the blocks of flats will hold a total of 60,000 m2 of housing space. The residential building Niittyhuippu, with 24 above-ground floors, has been erected on the shopping centre near the metro station.

Illustration: SARC Architects Oy

The Niittytori open communal space for city residents will be completed by the shopping centre.
The green and park-like appearance of the area will not be compromised. The beautiful Gräsanoja stream, woods and forest areas will be retained, and the blocks of flats and houses that form the original cityscape will remain as before.

Shopping Centre Niitty is located but a few steps from the Niittykumpu metro station. The property is owned by the OP-Vuokratuotto Oy special investment fund, managed by Markku Mäkiaho who says that the customer appeal of the services in the area should be developed even further. One step in this direction is the completion of Niittytori in the summer of 2018, which will facilitate shopping centre access.

Mäkiaho believes that the population increase in the area and the metro link will make Niittykumpu an appealing location for companies as well. Currently, the shopping centre holds 17 establishments, including two grocery shops and an Alko outlet.

“A variety of wellness services, for example, would be a perfect fit for the selection to bring regular visitors to the shopping centre,” Mäkiaho says.

“Obviously, the increase in visitor numbers requires that the residential construction efforts continue and that the Espoo residents permanently accept the metro as a transport of choice.

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