Niittykumpu – a communal, modern neighbourhood

Niittykumpu is located in Southeast Espoo with a wide selection of services and excellent connections by car or public transpor via the Länsiväylä highway, Turku motorway and Ring Road II. With the new metro station, it takes only 15 minutes to get to Niittykumpu from Helsinki. The metro station is part of the new business centre in Niittykumpu.

The main businesses in Niittykumpu are currently involved in consumer goods.

You can read more about development projects in Niittykumpu from our Finnish website.

A sense of community has a major role in Niittykumpu since it is a small area covering just 2.1 km². There are many families with children living in the neighbourhood. There is a wide range of services available for citizens. A high-quality day care and school are both located nearby. The local grocery story has a good selection and there are many recreational services available. The seamless system for walking and cycling being built will create a quick route to Tapiola and Matinkylä, where are shopping centres Ainoa and Iso Omena.

Altogether, there are approximately 6,000 jobs and 5,500 inhabitants living in the area. The number of  the inhabitants is expected to rise to 12,000 by 2030.

Companies operating in the area:

  • LIDL head office
  • Orion Oyj, Oriola Oyj
  • If vahinkovakuutus
  • Mediq Suomi Oy
  • Beneq Oy
  • Car traders Bilia Oy, Sport Car Center, Autotalo Laakkonen
  • Stark
  • SLO Oy (electrical wholesaler)
  • Onninen Oy
  • Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj
  • Heinon Tukku Oy

Distance from Helsinki Central Railway Station

17 minutes by metro

Residental towers in Niittykumpu
Residential towers constructed on top of the shopping centre. Photo: Janne Ketola

Niittykumpu development

Future Niittykumpu dwellers will live in an ecological and environmentally-friendly fashion. 

All necessary services are to be located within walking distance or a short metro trip away. This will minimise the use of private cars in the area.

Walking and cycling routes have been planned to be as convenient and safe as possible. There are 400 bicycle parking places near the metro station, 200 of which are covered. The sports park and Tapiola and Matinkylä are easily reached by bicycle. There are also frequent bus connections.

Merituulentie tunnel in Niittykumpu
Merituulentie tunnel in Niittykumpu. Photo: Janne Ketola

Niittykumpu has already seen significant new development, which is set to continue into the future. The new Niitty shopping centre adjacent to the metro station was opened in June 2017. Niitty has been built in response to growing demand for convenient local services. The site is a real landmark for the area, thanks to the 12- and 24-storey residential towers constructed on top of the shopping centre.

Niittykumpu is envisioned as a state-of-the-art metro hub and a new residential neighbourhood for thousands of residents. The plans include new services, road infrastructure, provisions for pedestrians and cyclists and green space.

New services for families include a day care centre and school, as well as a number of playgrounds and sports and recreation facilities. The needs of children, pedestrians and cyclists are catered for with new dedicated underpasses designed to avoid some of the area’s busiest thoroughfares.

Although extensive development is taking place in Niittykumpu, the priority at all times is to ensure that the area retains its leafy and green character.

Aerial view from Vuoritonttu
Aerial view from Vuoritonttu. Illustration: Arkkitehtitoimisto B&M

Most important development projects


Vuoritonttu will be built on what used to be an Outokumpu site. Some of the old buildings will be preserved and restored for future needs. One of them, the former Outokumpu head office, has been converted to form Uusikumpu School. The Uusikumpu school started operating in August 2019. It is also possible to build new office premises in the area.

Illustration of Vuoritonttu
Illustration of Vuoritonttu by Arkkitehtitoimisto B&M

Homes will be built for approximately 1,100 residents, amounting to 55,000 floor m2.

The area’s main developer is Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

Niittykumpu Centre

The new centre of Niittykumpu will be built between the old Niittykumpu shopping centre and Merituulentie. The centre’s current residential parking will be developed and five eight-storey apartment blocks will be built on Merituulentie road. Construction is expected to take place in 2021–2024.

Illustration of Merituulentie in Niittykumpu.
The view from Merituulentie towards west. Illustration: SARC Architects

Niittykallio residential buildings

Niittykallio will be built in the southern part of Niittykumpu, in the middle of the old Niittykumpu area. At the moment, residential buildings built in the 1960s and later decades dominate the landscape. More skillfully-designed apartment blocks and terraced houses are being built in the area. The development project will be ready by 2022 and total construction will be some 60,000 floor m² for approximately 1,200 residents.

Aerial view from Niittykallio
Aerial view from Niittykallio: Illustration: L Arkkitehdit

Tonttumuori houses and apartment block

City-like detached  and semi-detached houses will be built in between Tontunmäki and Merituulentie. These modern houses will be designed to go naturally together with the existing buildings. The construction of 15,000 floor m² will take place between 2020 - 2024.

A complex of apartment blocks with a peaceful courtyard will be built to the north of the area. Niittykumpu School is located right across from the complex, which makes the location particularly suitable for families with children.

Illustration: Aerial view of  the Tonttumuori area
Aerial view of the Tonttumuori area. Illustration: Arkkitehdit Kirsi Korhonen ja Mika Penttinen Oy

Riihitonttu residential block

Riihitonttu residential blocks will be built in the area around Olari Church, previously occupied by car dealerships. The construction of some 30,000 floor m² will take place between 2021 and 2024. The church and historic surroundings of Gräsa Manor have been taken into account in the design of the area. Niittykumpu town square will be built in front of the church. Residents can arrange events or pop-up activities on the square and there are parking spaces nearby.

Niittykumpu_Riihitonttu block plan
Niittykumpu_Riihitonttu block plan. Illustration: Arkkitehtitoimisto Jukka Turtiainen Oy


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