Matinkylä – Urban transport hub

Matinkylä is a diverse city centre in South Espoo. It is one of the fastest-growing districts in the Metropolitan Region. The new West Metro line has made Matinkylä a significant public transportation hub. Matinkylä is the terminal station of the first stage of the West Metro. Integrated into the shopping centre and the metro station, the new indoor bus terminal serves as a convenient transfer point to other parts of Espoo. Matinkylä offers a wide range of services and has excellent connections to Helsinki city centre and to other centres in Espoo.

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Photo: Olli Häkämies

Shopping centre Iso Omena is located in Matinkylä. Iso Omena ranks among the three largest shopping centres in Finland with some 200 stores and service providers and a gross leasable area of 100,000 m². In addition to interesting stores, the shopping centre will offer a wide range of entertainment services. There are 3,000 parking places in the centre.

In August 2016, the City of Espoo opened a brand new citizens’ service centre in the Iso Omena shopping centre. This unique service centre will make the everyday life of the residents very convenient, offering people the opportunity to for diverse public services under one roof. The service centre has been very successful in catering for its 1.3 million users in 2017. 

Matinkylä metro station entrance
Photo: Olli Urpela

Matinkylä comprises a diverse landscape ranging from rocky seashores to the central park area with beautiful scenery and a wide range of outdoors activities. The seashore attracts everyone from joggers to sunbathers and swimmers. The large island of Iso Vasikkasaari is a recreational area open to the public, accessible by a boat connection from Nokkalanniemi. There are two guest marinas, which serve as starting points for boat trips to nearby islands and further on into the Gulf of Finland.

Sport activities in Matinkylä include a diverse sports park with ice hockey, football, floorball, skateboarding and athletics. There are also many private gyms, sports clubs and activities like wind surfing and horse-riding.

There are currently 20,000 inhabitants living in the area. The population of Matinkylä is expected to reach 30,000 by 2050.

Companies operating in the area

  • Outotec HQ
  • Oracle Finland
  • EKE Rakennus Oy 

Distance from Helsinki Central Railway Station

20 minutes by metro

Matinkylä development

The land development close to the metro centre will continue, and many new jobs will be created in the area. Based on the Matinkylä‒Olari development vision, the city centre will be developed with a high density of housing, services and jobs. The central area will be surrounded by residential areas of lower density including recreational activities and parks. In the future, this city centre located between the sea and Espoo Central Park will feature even more private and public services and a wider range of leisure activities.

Development will continue immediately to the west of the Metro Centre. Planned for completion by 2021 are the new senior residential centre, the new public swimming pool, a hotel and a residential housing block.

Most important development projects

Tynnyripuisto area west of the Metro Centre

Matinkylä_A hotel in Tynnyripuisto
A unique feature of the hotel to be completed in Matinkylä is its own power plant. The Suomenlahdentie facade features. Illustration: Gullichsen Vormala Arkkitehdit Ky.

Next to the Metro Centre, development will continue with the construction of a hotel, commercial services and high-quality residential housing.

A new high-end, 192-room hotel along with residential properties and two apartment hotels are set to be built to the west of the Matinkylä Metro Centre and Iso Omena shopping centre extension in Espoo. The hotel’s ground floor will have a restaurant, which will also feature a courtyard dining area for the summer season.

One end of the hotel building will serve as the entrance to the metro station. The plans also include a shared new underground car parking facility for the new Matinkylä swimming pool and hotel development. With capacity for 231 vehicles, it will be built adjacent to the existing Iso Omena shopping centre car park.

The project is expected to be completed towards the end of 2020. It will be carried out by the Lujatalo Oy construction company. The total value of the project is about €60 million.

This area will also feature a new public swimming pool, due for completion in 2021. In addition, there will also be a park including sports facilities and other activities.

Opposite the Metro Centre, there is also a site reserved for a new senior residential centre, with 140 senior citizen apartments and a broad selection of senior and home care services.

Within one kilometre west of the Metro Centre, on both sides of Suomenlahdentie road, there will be some 100,000 m² of residential housing, including experimental housing projects and complementary building projects as well as a Life and Learning Centre for Senior Citizens.

The façade of the Matinkylä swimming pool
Illustration: Lehto Peltonen Valkama Oy.

Matinkylä Sports Centre

Matinkylä Sports Centre is set for expansion. The old ice arena will be replaced with a larger facility planned to comprise three ice rinks. The building work is scheduled to commence after summer 2018. The old practice rink will be retained. The football field will also receive an upgrade. A new BMX track was finished in 2018.

Matinkylä Sports Centre.
Illustration: arkMILL Oy.

Kuitinmäentie projects

North of the centre of Matinkylä, there will be complementary building projects on both sides of Kuitinmäentie street. Old commercial plots and parking areas will be transformed into more efficient residential and commercial blocks.

Development of the old shopping centre in Matinkylä

The old shopping centre has been demolished and a new 16-floor residential building and commercial premises will be built in its place. The estimated construction period for this project is 2019‒2021.

Other development projects

Gräsantulli area – new apartment buildings (18,350 floor m², Hartela, YIT, Espoon Asunnot 2021-2025).

Old student apartments will be demolished and new apartment buildings will be built in their place (City of Espoo 2022-2026).

As a Public Private Partnership project new educational building in Kuitinmäki (2022-2024).

New day care centre to replace the Komeetan koulu school building to be demolished.


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