Fiskars Group moving its head office to Keilaniemi set to further boost the attractiveness of the area

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2020-01-23 17:37

Fiskars Group’s head office in Helsinki will move to Keilaniemi in Espoo at the start of 2022. The company will lease a new office building located in the immediate vicinity of Keilaniemi metro station and the terminus of the upcoming Jokeri Light Rail line.

There are several property development projects currently underway in the area surrounding Keilaniemi metro station and the Jokeri Light Rail terminus to be built next to it, which speaks to the area’s attractiveness.

“There is a notably high number of construction projects underway in Keilaniemi for new office and business premises, hotels and housing. Plans are also underway for the construction of an underground parking facility in the vicinity of the metro station and the Jokeri Light Rail terminus, which will significantly increase the efficiency of the area’s land use,” says Head of Espoo Technical and Environment Services Olli Isotalo.

An illustration of the office building Next to be built in Keilaniemi.
An illustration of the office building Next to be built in Keilaniemi. The building will house Fiskars’ headquarters. Illustration: SARC Architects.

“In addition to the metro, Jokeri Light Rail and the future underground parking facility, the tunnelling of Ring I and the renewed Aalto University campus in Otaniemi promote the development of the area even further. A park is being built above the tunnel of Ring I, and the pedestrian and cycling lane travelling through this park will connect Keilaniemi and Tapiola.”

According to Isotalo, Keilaniemi is fast developing into a versatile and pleasant business and residential area.

“We believe that this positive trend will continue and that the area will also soon have a wide range of new services to offer, in addition to boasting a pleasant coastal band.”

Keilaniemi’s range of services was just recently expanded with the opening of new restaurant and sports services, among others. There is also a shop specialising in local foods set to open in the area in March.

Construction of the new head office to begin in March

The property developer behind the new head office is NCC, which the City Board of Espoo’s Business and Competitiveness Subcommittee decided to sell the plot to in November 2019. The construction permit for NCC’s project was issued in September 2019. NCC is set to begin the construction of the new building in March, and it is expected to be completed at the end of 2021.

Fiskars Group’s current head office accommodates up to approximately 400 people. 

More information on the planned head office building is available on the property developer’s website

Fiskars Group’s press release on 20 January 2020 (in Finnish)

NCC’s press release on 20 January 2020

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