Resident of Finnoo will be able to enjoy a number of pleasant local parks

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2020-04-06 13:33

Planning is currently underway for the building of several parks in Finnoo, which promise to make the verdant seaside district even more pleasant. The aim is to create clear paths and places for recreation to protect the area’s natural values.

Young adults and a dog have a picnic in the park on a sunny day.
Several comfortable parks are being built for Finnoo residents to relax.

Planning of parks in the Djupsundsbäcken area already underway

Plans for the Djupsundsbäcken area include the construction of Syvänsalmenpuisto Park, which will follow the Djupsundsbäcken river channel. The verdant park will also include a bicycle corridor running through it.

“The key feature of Syvänsalmenpuisto Park will be the playground, which will be built on the eastern side of the new Finnoo school. The planning of the playground is just starting up,” says Landscape Architect Niina Meronen.

To the south of Syvänsalmenpuisto Park, planning is also already underway on Hylkeenpyytäjänpuisto Park.

“The forest-like damp natural park will include a rock dust pedestrian and bicycle way to improve the area’s pedestrian and bicycle connections,” Meronen says.

Finnoos parks on a guide map.
There are plans to build several parks in the lush green Finnoo district by the sea.

Some areas of the park will be left in their natural state to serve as corridors for Siberian flying squirrels.

In the southern part of Finnoo, the aim is to build a resident park offering a wide range of services, though the planning of the park can only begin once the preparation of the Finnoonsatama component master plan is completed.

Town planning is also still in progress in the Rusthollinrinne area, but the Finnoo component master plan requires the building of an approximately 1.5-hectare park area there, which enables the realisation of a versatile block park in the area. The environmental planning of the nearby areas, which support the preparation of the town plan, is currently in progress.

Etuniemenpuisto Park to offer gardening, play and exercise

According to Landscape Architect Meronen, the new Etuniemenpuisto Park, which will be built in the town plan area of the centre of Finnoo, will become the functionally most diverse park in Finnoo. The town plan envisions the park as including allotments, playgrounds and neighbourhood sports sites. The timetable for the preparation of the actual park plan is still open. The area will also include a dog park, the Finnoonkartano dog enclosure, which is expected to be up and running within the next five years.

The park planning of the areas surrounding the Finnoviken wetland is expected to begin in 2021 based on the wetland’s landscape management and usage plane. The park plan will be prepared with the aim of preserving natural values and a particular emphasis on outdoor and recreational use. The goal is to develop a network of trails and nature paths.

Finnoo’s park planning and material choices are steered by the Finnoo design manual, which ties projects carried out at different times under the same umbrella and creates a consistent and recognisable appearance for the area.

Finnoo is being built from the best bits

Finnoo is a unique new urban area for 17,000 people being built around the metro station, by the seashore and close to nature. Featuring a high-rise centre around the metro station, the development of Finnoo is steered by energy efficiency criteria set by the City of Espoo. The development of the district’s first residential buildings will begin in spring 2020.

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