Sports park project progresses in Latokaskenniitty, Espoo

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2018-05-21 13:24

Planned for the area between Nöykkiö and Latokaski in Espoo, the sports park project is progressing. In addition to the sports park, the Latokaskenniitty area is intended to host a new day-care centre and homes for approx. 500 residents.

At its meeting on 14 May, the City Board decided to propose to the City Council that Latokaskenniitty’s town plan and town plan amendment be approved. The town plan would enable construction of a sports park, new day-care centre and housing in the area. Final decisions on town plans are made by the council.

Sports park seamlessly integrated with Espoo Central Park

“If it becomes reality, the sports park planned in Latokaski will become one of Espoo’s largest. It will also respond to the need for more sports facilities resulting from population growth. The sports park would significantly increase the existing sports and exercise opportunities in the Greater Espoonlahti area, as its activities would be seamlessly integrated with the outdoor recreation opportunities offered by the Central Park,” says Project Director Kimmo Leivo.

The sports park is to include two football practice pitches, a full-size Finnish baseball field and an athletics field. People will also be able to play American football, tennis, street basketball and beach volleyball there. In addition to the various fields, the sports park is also meant to include areas in which various sports can be practised freely. Building a sports hall will also be possible. The plans include an ice arena with two rinks, and the sports hall would be located in the same building complex.

Services and fluency of traffic to improve

With the approval of the town plan, the residential building volume permitted in the area would increase by 14,300 floor square metres, enabling the construction of housing for approx. 500 people. The town plan also takes into account the growing number of children in the district, reserving a space for building a new day-care centre. The day-care centre would serve approx. 170 children. In addition, the plan allows for the construction of 2,100 floor square metres of retail buildings.

The fluency and safety of traffic will be improved by building two roundabouts on Nöykkiönkatu and traffic lights at the Tillinmäentie crossing. New pedestrian and bicycle lanes have also been planned for Nöykkiönkatu and Nöykkiönlaaksontie.

Preliminary property purchase agreements have been made on the city’s purchase of the land for the sports park and other public areas. If construction of the sports park can be started in the early 2020s as planned, it will be fully available to Espoo residents in the mid-2020s. Preparatory construction work, such as preloading the field areas, will begin immediately when the prerequisites are met.