Green Finnoo invites builders – energy efficiency emphasised in the plot application round

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2019-11-12 10:02

The building plans of the new seaside district of Finnoo are progressing. In spring 2019, the City of Espoo sought builders for six blocks of flats via a plot application round, in which one of the key selection criteria was the applicants’ commitment to low-emission and sustainable solutions.

Finnoo Djupsundsbäcken havainnekuva

The plots that were available in the application round will be sold to Lujatalo Oy and Hartela Etelä-Suomi Oy for non-subsidised housing production. Additionally, one plot will be leased to T2H Rakennus Oy for non-subsidised owner-occupied housing production and one plot will be reserved for A-Kruunu Oy for state-subsidised rental housing production.

The total permitted building volume of the plots, located in the vicinity of Finnoo’s upcoming metro station, is approximately 18,000 floor square metres.

Energy efficiency as a key selection criterion

Finnoo is being developed into a reference district for sustainable development, the planning and building of which is steered by sustainable solutions. Builders exclusively chosen for the area commit to criteria that promote energy efficiency, such as measuring the energy consumption of their buildings.

In addition to mandatory requirements, the City of Espoo has prepared a set of energy criteria for the district of Finnoo, according to which applicants gain points for measures related energy efficiency, housing automation and renewable energy, among others. As part of the plot application process, applicants had to define a point score that they would commit to achieving in the building of their properties. The minimum score was 12.

Measures by which builders can increase their score include the use of solar accumulators or panels, cooling systems based on district cooling or some other renewable source of energy, green roofs, the utilisation of demand response in electricity and heating, and keeping total energy consumption 10–20 per cent below the minimum level defined in Finnish legislation.

By the end of the 2030s, Finnoo will have grown into a district of 17,000 residents, whose strengths are the proximity to the sea, local nature and excellent transport connections. The metro station, opening in 2023, will connect the area to the regional and national rail network.

The City of Espoo’s Business and Competitiveness Subcommittee decided on the transfer of the plots on 11 November.

Finnoo – the new sustainable, green maritime area

Illustration: Arkkitehdit Anttila Rusanen Oy