Espoo is looking for café and restaurant operators for the Waterfront Walkway

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2021-04-12 15:26

The City of Espoo is looking for café and restaurant operators for plots located along the Waterfront Walkway in Soukanranta, Toppelund and Otsolahti. The operators must build suitable premises for their operations taking into account the surrounding nature.

We welcome applications from both individual operators and joint ventures. In the selection process, we will emphasise the financial and practical feasibility of the plan and the operator’s previous experience in the field. In addition, we will take into account the energy efficiency of the premises and other sustainability factors.

Picture of a beach on a sunny day.
The Waterfront Walkway is a unique recreational outdoor path that follows the coastline of Espoo. Photo: Olli Urpela.

The city aims to increase services along the popular Waterfront Walkway and to conclude long-term land lease agreements for a maximum of 25 years. The application period is 29 March–10 June. Decisions on the applications will be made in the autumn.

Further information and application conditions (in Finnish)

Waterfront Walkway