Rail-based city structure

Rail-based city structure.

Espoo offers endless opportunities for investors and companies, which can benefit from the city’s active investment in the already highly developed infrastructure.

Housing production in whole Espoo_ Approx. 240,000 square metres per year. 8.7 million square metres

West Metro creates sustainable growth

The West Metro enables sustainable growth and answers the challenges of urbanisation. The area served by the metro line is currently seeing the fastest economic growth in all of Finland. The first stage of the West Metro, extending to Matinkylä, was opened on 18 November 2017. Construction of the second stage to Kivenlahti is still ongoing. 

Rapid development is taking place in the urban areas surrounding Espoo’s new West Metro stations. New homes, commercial properties and facilities for public service providers are being created, while existing traffic infrastructure is undergoing an upgrade and service provision for residents is being enhanced. Espoo is constructing a network city structure based on rail connections, intelligent transport system and intelligent services.

The development taking place around each and every one of Espoo’s new metro stations is huge. The areas along the metro corridor will be turned into attractive places for people to live and work. The sites here are excellent, offering the ideal setting for Finnish and international businesses alike. The services and amenities for residents will also be second to none and more accessible than ever before.

In terms of economic growth, West Metro is Finland’s most important development corridor.