Success story: Exceeding expectations with housing in Espoo

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Construction and housing firm Hausia wants to exceed customer expectations with high-quality housing for tenants and investors. Operating mostly in the Espoo area, Hausia develops, constructs and owns lifecycle-optimised and sustainably produced apartments.  

Kari Kiviluoma
Kari Kiviluoma

Hausia’s current projects include the reshaping of Espoo centre in the heart of the city, where some of the city’s most historic buildings are located. “The entire city park and bureau area will see a huge lift in the coming year with an apartment and hybrid area in the making,” says Kari Kiviluoma, CEO of Hausia.

The City of Espoo has also invested hundreds of millions in the area – the old office buildings will be turned into a new apartment and business environment. The first of four housing cooperatives to be introduced by Hausia in the area is currently under construction and will include 73 new apartments.

More affordable, more value increase

Espoo is a crucial operating area for Hausia for two reasons: the company’s own roots as well as the city’s attractiveness and growth potential for housing. “We are an Espoo-based company and we have always found Espoo to be an interesting and attractive area,” Kiviluoma says. “Espoo continues to grow, along with the demand for housing located there.”

Hausia sees Espoo as having significant potential for value increase in the coming years due to its location outside of, yet within an easy distance from central Helsinki. “Espoo has comparatively lower rent and construction prices, a benefit that flows in two directions: the rents are lower and there is also more room for value increase,” Kiviluoma says. “This makes it an attractive area for investors. The same cannot be said about areas where apartments prices are already very high.”

Havainnekuva_Kaupunginpuiston sisäpiha

In addition to lower costs, investments in transportation are also increasing the value of Espoo’s residential areas. An area in close proximity to railway and metro connections, Espoo is growing significantly in population as well as services offering. This makes it an optimal spot for housing investors.

“We believe that Espoo is perhaps the best place in the metropolitan area for investors and construction companies to be,” states Kiviluoma. “With our apartments, we want to deliver value that continues to exist and grow. Espoo is a good and safe investment for both apartment buyers and investors.” 

Did you know this about Hausia?

  • Has developed over 1,000 apartments in the Helsinki metropolitan area
  • At the turn of 2018–2019, has approximately 500 apartment homes in the making
  • Employs nearly 80 people
  • Has projects in five different areas in Espoo, including Saunalahti and Niittykumpu

Espoon keskus – Urban, evolving growth centre

Niittykumpu – a communal, modern neighbourhood

Photo: Hausia