Success story: Attracting travellers to the vibrant city of Espoo

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Matinkylä, a fast-growing area in the city of Espoo, is a junction point where the new metro line will branch out even further west in the coming years. In this area, a 192-room hotel, along with two apartment hotels, is currently being built. The complex under construction is located on the brink of the Iso Omena shopping centre and Matinkylä metro centre, and it will complement the area’s service offering with a full range of new facilities.

New hotel in Tynnyripuisto

A central company behind the project is Kassiopeia Finland, which owns and runs the hotel complex that is set to attract tourists and visitors upon its completion in late 2020. In addition to apartments and rooms for hotel and private use, the destination will include a restaurant, inner courtyard, recreation facilities and a metro entrance – even its own power plant and a front covered almost entirely in solar panels.

Kassiopeia Finland sees Matinkylä and Espoo as areas with great potential. “The location and transportation possibilities of Matinkylä have been crucial for this hotel project,” says Esa Mustonen, representative of Kassiopeia Finland. The area is seeing an abundance of construction.

“This growth will increase the population in the area, along with its service offering. With Matinkylä’s solid combination of ocean-view outdoor recreation routes within walking distance and excellent service and transportation connections, we are able to provide a travel service entity that has a lot to offer and fits the area well.”

Succeeding in the developing city of Espoo

Esa Mustonen

Matinkylä is just one of the powerfully growing areas in Espoo – the city itself is booming, providing an apt location for travel and construction. Kassiopeia Finland has also worked in the apartment business in Espoo for a long time through a sperate company and is familiar with the city. “We have seen the powerful growth and development that has taken place in Espoo over the years, and Espoo’s high potential for success,” Mustonen says.

In addition to the Matinkylä destination, Kassiopeia Finland owns two hotels in Levi, Finnish Lapland, a restaurant in Helsinki and the successful Nokkala Majakka restaurant in Nokkalanniemi bay, Espoo. The development in the Espoo area continues. “The continuation of the metro further west in the 2020s will enable good reachability in the western areas of the city as well,” Mustonen says. “Now easily reachable from Helsinki, Otaniemi and the airport alike, it is the place we want to be.”

Did you know this about Kassiopeia Finland Oy?

  • Founded in 1997
  • Provides high-quality hotel, restaurant and meeting services
  • Owns two hotels in Levi, Northern Finland and restaurants in Espoo and Helsinki
  • Owns the hotel and manages the apartment hotel entity under construction in Matinkylä, Espoo that will include a 192-room hotel and two apartment hotels comprising 77 apartments
  • Future projects include the Koutalaki Ski Village, a recreation and leisure village to be created in Levi, Finnish Lapland

Matinkylä – Urban metro terminus

Illustration: Gullichsen Vormala Arkkitehdit Ky