Success story: Aalto University invests in its campus at Otaniemi

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Aalto University is currently investing heavily in its Otaniemi campus in Espoo. The university is renovating and building facilities there for all the disciplines it represents as well as for its innovation and start-up ecosystem.

Väre building in Otaniemi

“We are thinking about the well-being of the campus users. For Aalto University, city cooperation and other partners are an important part of all of its activities – teaching, research and social effectiveness,” says Vice President Antti Ahlava of Aalto University.

Over the years, an ensemble of about 800 companies has developed around the Aalto University campus, including listed and growth companies. Many of the now large companies were originally start-ups founded by the university’s professors.

“Otaniemi is currently the most significant technology cluster in the Nordic countries. We are striving for Otaniemi to become the most important place for the information-intensive and creative fields in the Baltic Sea region in the future.”

Recent additions at the university campus include, among others, the European Space Agency ESA and the first United Nations Technology Innovation Lab UNTIL.

Antti Ahlava welcomes companies to the university campus.

Antti Ahlava
Antti Ahlava.
Photo: Aalto University/
Leena Ylä-Lyly

“We particularly hope to partner with companies operating in Aalto University’s own core areas, which include health and well-being, energy solutions, the human-oriented living environment, information technology and digitalisation, art and design, materials and the sustainable use of resources as well as global business.”

In recent years, the Aalto University campus has been transformed into a diverse and trendy city district where different functions and user groups mingle closely. A wide variety of restaurants and other services have sprung up at the heart of the campus, surrounded by inspiring marine nature.

The development of the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, Espoo started in the 1950s. At that time, the Helsinki University of Technology needed more space and moved from the Helsinki city centre to Otaniemi. The new site had enough land at a suitable price near the Helsinki city centre, also with a view to future growth. Since then, the campus has grown into a real diverse city district.

Aalto University was created in 2010 when the Helsinki University of Technology merged with the School of Arts and Design and the Helsinki School of Economics. The Otaniemi campus of the Helsinki University of Technology became the main campus of Aalto University. The second campus is located in Töölö in Helsinki city centre.

Otaniemi - a unique innovation hub

Photo: Jyrki Vesa