Success Story: Wulff to establish headquarters in Kilo, Espoo

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Heikki Vienola

It is important to Wulff to make the world better one workplace at a time. Ranked as the most sustainable city in Europe and the most intelligent community in the world, Espoo attracted Wulff with its energetic operations.

“In Espoo, our headquarters will be surrounded by an environment that suits our strategy. Our values and goals as a company and a city are a match. “I highly appreciate the way the City of Espoo encourages companies to operate even more sustainably and develops its operations in cooperation with both companies and residents,” says Heikki Vienola, CEO of Wulff Group Plc.   

Environmental values, ecological quality, ethicality and alignment with sustainable development are some of the key aspects of Wulff’s strategy. Wulff is constantly improving the environmental friendliness of its operating methods.

The future headquarters will also be renovated using sustainable solutions.

The future headquarters of Wulff Group Plc.
The future headquarters of Wulff Group Plc. Photo: Wulff Group Plc.

“We will for example install solar panels to produce electricity. Our very own solar power plant will stand on the building’s roof. Its power capacity will be 126.5 kWp, and the amount of energy it will produce will just about cover our maximum daily energy consumption,” Heikki Vienola says.

Kilo is located in Leppävaara area, right next to the railway.

“We encourage our employees to take public transport to work and offer them perks such as bicycles to cover the last kilometre to and from the train station or the bus stop. We invest in recycling. To name an example, the Wulff Eko-Bag is our solution for recycling office supplies. We will certainly feel at home in Espoo.”

Did you know this about Wulff Group Plc?

  • Founded in 1890 in Helsinki.
  • A Nordic exchange-listed company that also has operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
  • Sells and markets office supplies, IT supplies and ergonomic solutions.
  • Wulff’s service portfolio also includes international fair services.
  • The Group employs an average of 191 persons, 68% of whom in Finland, 24% in Sweden and 8% in Norway.

Leppävaara – Cluster of traffic and business