Success Story: Property development and construction company NCC has a large-scale project in Perkkaa

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Jukka Manninen
Jukka Manninen

The rapidly growing area of Leppävaara is one of the most attractive areas in terms of jobs in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and it is rapidly expanding towards Perkkaa.

Services in the area will be further reinforced when the property development and construction company NCC builds, for example, offices, a hotel and premises for various indoor sports and activities. Restaurant and business premises will open at street level in the office buildings.

According to NCC Investment Manager Jukka Manninen, the excellent transport connections were one of the reasons why NCC became interested in the Hatsinanpuisto area.

“The location is excellent. The Leppävaara train station is only 300 metres away. The light rail route will, in future, run right past the area. Furthermore, there are already plenty of jobs and companies in the area. It is very important to have a good reputation and recognition,” says Jukka Manninen about the strengths of Hatsinanpuisto. 

Building work of Hatsinanpuisto will proceed in phases from west to east. First, a tower-like office building will be constructed in the vicinity of Ring I. Its building work will start in autumn 2019.

Illustrator of Hatsinanpuisto
Hatsinanpuisto is located in an area bordered by Perkkaantie, the railway, Ring I and Perkkaanpuronkuja.

The central section of the office area will become park-like. It will end in a market square and business centre whose two lowermost floors will host business premises as well as café and restaurant services. Entertainment and leisure services are being planned for the uppermost floor.

A tower-like hotel with ten floors and approximately 200 rooms will also be built in the vicinity of the business centre and central block.

For its projects, NCC has the vision of providing cutting-edge solutions in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Hatsinanpuisto will also be built sustainably according to the international BREEAM environmental classification system.

“We are aiming for the second highest, or Excellent, level. We pay attention to, for example, energy efficiency and material selections. By means of alternating parking, we are also making the use of parking spaces more effective,” Manninen explains. 

NCC has also applied for a building permit for the Next office building arising in the vicinity of Espoo’s Keilaniemi metro station.

“We are very interested in all of Espoo’s growth areas and are constantly exploring new opportunities.” 

Did you know this about NCC?

*NCC is a leading construction, property development and infrastructure company in northern Europe.

*NCC’s history dates back to the late 19th century, to shipowners in Gothenburg, Sweden.

*The company’s turnover was nearly EUR 5.6 billion in 2018.

*The number of employees is 16,300.

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